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Our Berkshire pigs are raised naturally, humanely,peacefully and according to Kurobuta standards.  They are allowed to be pigs and do what pigs were meant to do in the world.  The bulk of their time is spent eating, rooting, playing and sleeping. They live in forested pastures in which they are able forage for nuts, grasses and other plants.  In addition to the pasture forage they are fed human grade food that consists of fruits, vegetables, bakery products and for additional protein they are given whey from a local creamery and eggs from our pastured chickens.  This produces a high quality pork that is well marbled, juicy and tender.  It is delicious!   


Sustainability has been the main focus of our farm from the beginning.  Our main food source for the Berkshires is food waste that was sadly on its way to the landfill.  The bulk tends to be higher end organic food products that were stocked by stores but were slow to sell so the item was either discontinued or reached its best to sell by date.  Using a food source that already exists and has already taken valuable resources to produce and transport is the most common sense approach to dealing with our food waste problem.  And it does produce some of the best tasting high quality pork available in the upstate today.

What is Kurbuta pork and what are Kurbuta standards?   Well, it is similar to Kolbe beef.  It is specially a Berkshire pig raised in the most ideal environment the farmer can create.  They are fed specialized diets that creates a unique flavor because pigs do taste like what they are fed.  So even if you buy pork that is fed organic or non-GMO hog feed you are buying pork that tastes like commodity pork.  Our unique flavor profile produces a sweet flavored pork that is more similar to beef  in flavor, texture and appearance.  It has little similarity to the other white meat.   


Our Berkshire pigs are raised in a low stress happy pig land which is an important component in the Kurobuta standard.   Pigs are prone to depression and nothing is more unhappy than a confined pig.  Our pigs are hormone and antibiotic free and we do not castrate our piglets.