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Free Range Pork Sampler Box

We are now offering sampler boxes.  The boxes will be 20 pounds of Free range Porks that will include

2-3 packs of Bacon

5 pounds of Fresh Ground Sausage

8 Pork Chops

1 bone-in Boston Butt Roast

All meat will be cut and packaged for you.


A deposit of $40 is required to reserve your box.

Free Range Pork Shares

Quarter of a Pig  $4.25 per Pound 

Half of a Pig  $4.00 per Pound

A whole Pig  $3.25per Pound

This weight is the hang weight at butchering (after the head, skin and entrails are removed.  Additional cost will include the butchering fee of $65 and then you will be able to select how you would like to have your meat cut and packaged.  These options are to arranged with the butcher and will based on their fee schedule.  Please see the butcher form to see all the options and their pricing.  So when estimating your final cost the average heritage breed pastured pig:

a hang wight of 180 pounds, so for a whole pig you would be charged $810 + $65 for butchering+ the cost of your cuts and packaging which is typically $0.80 per pound so this approximately $100 with smoking and curing and grinding sausages at higher price per pound.  The total price for a whole pig will be around $975.  To make a deposit for your meat please see our order page.  

Butchers Cuts

Email for availability and to arrange drop off or pick up of your pork.


Ground Pork $4.25 lbs

Bacon $7.00 lbs

Boston Butt bone-in $5.25 lbs

Ham cured and smoked $6.00 lbs

Fresh Ham $5.25 lbs

Pork Chops $7.75 lbs

Ribs $4.25 lbs

Trotters $2.25 lbs

Fat Back $1.75 lbs